The power of essential oils

November 13, 2016

 We use essential oils in our Eco cleaning products because of their amazing properties. Nature provides everything we need to keep our homes and offices clean without the need for horrible chemicals.


Tea Tree oil fights germs, viruses and bacteria making it ideal for our all purpose cleaner. Combined with Eucalyptus, which is a natural germicide ensures a powerful, natural cleaner. It also tackles dust mites.


Lavender is a natural antibacterial which is ideal for use in our home washing powder.


Peppermint, which we currently use in our homemade air freshener is another natural antibacterial. It's also rather good at repelling ants and spiders


Lemon cuts through grease, is antibacterial and antiviral. We use this one in our natural window cleaner. It smells pretty good too!


Sweet orange is another that cuts through grease. We use it in our natural wood polish, combined with olive oil and vinegar it produces a great smelling and effective cleaning product.


If you want to know more then why not give us a call on 0800 086 9485 or book online.


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