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Fighting the scammers

Unfortunately, there are those out there who try to scam the elderly and vulnerable by knocking on the door and prey on those who have no one to help them or feel too embarrassed to ask for help.


Well, we believe everyone should feel safe in their homes and so our hotline service aims to combat these scammers. We provide a Freephone number which you can call if you feel vulnerable after being confronted by one of these scammers.


We also provide a sticker for your door so that any would-be scammers are aware that you’re under our protection. This should keep them well away.


We can also help stop unwanted phone calls. Simply give them the Freephone number and ask them to phone us from now on.


This simple, free solution can help stop these scammers from winning. Why not join us and relax, knowing that we’ve got your back.

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