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Schools Eco Cleaning

Keeping your school clean is paramount to staff and pupil well being. With large classrooms comes plenty of germs. Pupils will often share desks and change classrooms numerous times a day.


Staying on top of school cleanliness requires a professional cleaning company, one that understands your requirements. Our school Eco cleaning service is ideal for any size school.  Our cleaners are professional, local and vetted. The cleaning products we use have been designed in-house to provide powerful cleaning without using harmful chemicals found in regular cleaners.


Your staff and pupils are being exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals on a daily basis, which can have a detrimental affect on their health. Our school Eco cleaning service is cost effective, good for your staff and pupils and will ultimately have a positive impact. Finally, we understand that you're conscious of costs and that budgets are tight, which is why we guarantee to match your current contract cleaning cost.

Price matched to your current contract costs

What's Included

Vacuum all rooms and hallways

Clean bathrooms & toilets

Clean staff / kitchen areas

Steam cleaning floors

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Cleaning and dusting desks

Emptying rubbish / recycling bins

Cleaning school chairs

Computer Keyboards / Screens

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Optional Services

Inside windows cleaned

Outside windows cleaned

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Carpet cleaning

Janitorial supplies

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Schools Eco Clean

A regular schools Eco clean is tailored to your requirements, so you can advise us of the areas that are of most concern. We are a professional cleaning company that understand the impact a clean environment can have on your staff and pupils. We offer a trial cleaning period before you commit to a contract. We will also price match your current cleaning contract prices. Our Eco products have been designed in-house using natural elements that have little or zero impact on the earth. Find out about the ingredients we use and why here. You might be surprised at the effect everyday cleaning products can have on our surroundings. Using our Eco clean will ensure your staff and pupils are not exposed to harsh and dangerous chemicals.

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What makes us different?

We use our own eco-friendly products that have been chosen because of their low impact on the Earth. With 1 in 11 children suffering from asthma in the UK it is vital to use a cleaning company that only uses products without harsh chemicals. Our cleaners are paid the highest rates in the industry, which means you get the best cleaners in Gloucester and Hereford. We will carry out random inspections of our cleaners to ensure they fulfill the high standards that we set. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind that if you are not happy you can contact us immediately so that we can rectify any problems.

  • Account manager

  • Price match

  • Eco cleaning products

  • Trial period

  • All team members trained in best cleaning methods.

  • All team members are trained in Health & Safety and COSHH

  • Fully insured

  • Tailor made solution

  • Local and vetted team members

  • Locally owned business

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Areas we cover

Our school Eco cleaning service covers all sizes of nurseries, schools and academies in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. From Cheltenham to Hardwicke, Quedgley to Highnam, Brockworth to Barnwood. Wherever our customers need us we have a cleaner that can help you. We will always try to accommodate any requests, please get in touch and we can discuss your commercial cleaning requirements. Our staff have experience cleaning office buildings, schools, restaurants, pubs and retail shops. It is important to maintain a clean environment for staff, pupils, customers and visitors, however this shouldn't come at a cost of ill health. Regular cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that are a danger to our health. 

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