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Hereford Office:   01989 564 663
Gloucester Office: 07827 915 433

Schools Eco Cleaning

Keeping your school clean is paramount to staff and pupil well being. With large classrooms comes plenty of germs. Pupils will often share desks and change classrooms numerous times a day.


Staying on top of school cleanliness requires a professional cleaning company, one that understands your requirements. Our school Eco cleaning service is ideal for any size school.  Our cleaners are professional, local and vetted. The cleaning products we use have been designed in-house to provide powerful cleaning without using harmful chemicals found in regular cleaners.


Your staff and pupils are being exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals on a daily basis, which can have a detrimental affect on their health. Our school Eco cleaning service is cost effective, good for your staff and pupils and will ultimately have a positive impact. Finally, we understand that you're conscious of costs and that budgets are tight, which is why we guarantee to match your current contract cleaning cost.

Price matched to your current contract costs

Vacuum all rooms and hallways

Clean bathrooms & toilets

Clean staff / kitchen areas

Steam cleaning floors

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Cleaning and dusting desks

Emptying rubbish / recycling bins

Cleaning school chairs