Cleaning in the 21st Century

November 3, 2016

 Do you know what's in your cleaning products?


The answer is probably "No" or "I don't really care".


That's fair enough but if you did know what would you do about it? Probably think for a few minutes that this is bad and then carry on with your daily life. After all cleaning is a chore and something to get done as quickly as possible. This is why the majority of us pop to the supermarket and buy the big brand cleaners. After all they all promise to make cleaning easier and quicker. 


Did you know that these cleaner contain these rather nasty elements:


  1.  Carcinogens

  2. Endocrine disruptors

  3. Neurotoxins

Do you know what these do? It's worth checking our site here:


Educate yourself and if it's easier let us do the cleaning for you! We cover all areas of Gloucestershire and can offer a regular clean, one-off deep clean and commercial cleaning using our home made Eco-friendly products.

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